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Thinking about seeking mental health counseling? First you need to find a counselor you can trust and someone you feel "gets you". Taking the time to find the right counselor for you is important. You will need to be truthful and vulnerable in counseling to do good work. You will need to feel free to address whatever is on your mind; your concerns, fears, grief, shame, hurt, needs... Remote therapy (Telemental health) is not for everyone, but my clients often find it more convenient and do not have to worry about things like traffic, parking, flu season, or any COVID-19 concerns. People who are private by nature do not have to worry about being seen walking into a counselors office.  When utilizing remote therapy, it is important to over communicate at times. Any needs or concerns need to be voiced so that the counselor can address them. The counselor must make sure their video platform is HIPAA co compliant and that both parties are in a private environment. Finding a safe, private location with good internet reception is important in remote therapy.  Telemental health can increase access to care for those who have mobility, transportation, or sensory processing concerns. My services are personalized to suit each person's needs while integrating EMDR therapy. I utilize HIPAA compliant Zoom as my platform to provide remote therapy.  I go the extra mile to help support positive change. Change is why people seek counseling. However, even good change can be hard. It takes courage to face and embrace change. You deserve to receive competent and compassionate guidance when reaching for those goals.

Currently I am not accepting new clients but I recommend Lifesong Counseling,

  Yana Counseling , or Spirit of Hope Counseling.

A Bit about Remote Therapy
Get to know me.

Candise Leininger, Licensed Professional Counselor

and EMDRIA Approved EMDR Consultant

I have worked in the mental health field my entire adult life and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Wyoming and Colorado. I am always honored to support my clients, but I am especially honored when I get to support our men and women who have served and their family members. My approach involves assessing the personal, work, and sleep parts of your life and putting together a plan to meet the needs of your mind, body and soul. I do work primarily with individuals, not with couples and families. This is where I believe I can help make the greatest difference. Often in this busy world we don't take the time for ourselves we need. We have let our mind run our body and soul into the ground. I truly believe the secret to life is balance. Finding that balance is a simple concept but not an easy one.

I typically utilize EMDR therapy to help my clients find  balance. I pride myself in being an effective, efficient, and ethical counselor. Using EMDR therapy allows me to be more effective and efficient. My goal is to help you get to a more positive place in your life without keeping you in therapy long term. If you are looking to get past your past or to change your future, I can support you in that process (EMDR certified clinician and GCDF career facilitator). I am a straight shooter and that characteristic has served me well living in Wyoming for over the past 27 years.

As an EMDRIA and HAP approved EMDR Consultant, I approach EMDR consultation with clinicians the same way I approach counseling. My goal is to give you what you need to be the best EMDR Therapist you can be. We will brainstorm together until we figure out how you can best accommodate your clients needs in EMDR therapy.  I volunteer my time to Facilitate EMDR Basic Trainings with Trauma Recovery EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP). I Train, Facilitate, and Consult for EMDR Professional Training. These opportunities give me the opportunity to stay current in the EMDR Community and get access to the latest resources to share with my Consultees. I currently specialize in working with the military population, those struggling with narcissistic abuse, and those who are neuro-diverse. I have worked in the realms of addictions, eating disorders, children & adolescents work, domestic abuse, chronic pain, employment conflict and accidents, dissociative disorders, Simple and Complex PTSD, and childhood abuse.

As I advance through my life, my career has shifted. I see less clients and provide more trainings and consultations. I feel it is time to help bring up the next generation of efficient, effective, and ethical EMDR therapists. I feel that way I can help make a positive impact on their clients' journeys, therefore helping more people then I can reach on a one to one basis in counseling. However, I truly believe, being a therapist makes me a better trainer, and being a trainer makes me a better therapist.  As I noted above, I am currently not accepting new clients but recommend Lifesong Counseling or Yana Counseling

I have recently published a book on Amazon for those who have suffered Narcissistic Abuse:

Butterfly Killer, How to Identify and Manage a Narcissist

(With tips for the EMDR Clinician on Healing narcissistic trauma) 

The response I have received from those looking for support and

clinicians has been very positive. I have been encouraged to

create an accompanying workbook and offer it on Audible.

Both are projects in the works. 


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Contact Information

Mailing Address: PO Box 20694, Cheyenne, WY 82003

Accepting most insurance including Tricare, BC/BS, United Healthcare, UMR, and Medicaid.

Non-emergency message phone: 307-274-8717

(Text Message for quickest response)

For client billing and insurance questions.

Please contact Debra at 307-222-2013

Email address: Candise@EMDRprofessional.com 

Referring new clients to

Lifesong Counseling

  Yana Counseling

Spirit of Hope Counseling

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These are services I provide to other mental health professionals:
EMDRIA and HAP approved Consultation for Basic Training, Certification, and Consultant in Training.

I also provide Private Practice Set-up Consultation for those needing support opening their first Private Practice. EMDR Consultations are available in groups, pairs, or individuals via Zoom. Upon request, private groups can be arranged for those who work together and prefer to consult together. My automated consultation scheduler makes scheduling a breeze. Just click on the links below for consultation or training.

Schedule an EMDR Consultation HERE!

Providing Select EMDR Professional Training Program to small groups for a more individualized training experience. 3-part training integrates required consultation. Learn more about EMDR Professional Training 

Sign up for Live Virtual EMDR Basic Training HERE!

Next training : 

Virtual Live Training (must be present for all times and all 3 Parts)

Part 1: Thursday 1/27/22 - Saturday 1/29/22

Part 2: Thursday 2/24/22 - Saturday 2/26/22

Part 3: Thursday 4/7/22 - Saturday 4/9/22

Check out the next IN PERSON  EMDR training in Cheyenne WY HERE!

(TBA an In-Person Training in Sept, Oct, Nov 2022 in Prescott Arizona.)

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